Danny Ayalon Addresses the ICEJ Summer Conference

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Wow…what a glorious time we enjoyed on Friday night at the ICEJ Summer Conference!  Great worship led us into the presence of the Lord, where we were truly blessed by the presence and the keynote address of former Israeli Ambassador to the US (and later, Deputy Foreign Minister), Danny Ayalon.

Rory Comtois and a wonderful worship team from Lexington KY led us into praise of our King.  (Rory has also been a leader at the Feast of Tabernacles in Israel.)  Worship was replete with lyrics in Hebrew, Israeli flag-waving and shofar-blowing.  We entered into the Lord’s presence in a powerful way which set the stage for all we would hear this wonderful evening.

After Malcolm Hedding reviewed the history of ICEJ and the Lord’s distinct calling that brought the embassy to Jerusalem when all other embassies exited, the keynote address was delivered by Danny Ayalon.  It would take pages and hours to give justice to his distinctions, but you can learn of those on his website, The Truth about Israel.

You may have seen some of his brief, but information-packed videos produced to educate people about issues specific to Israel.  His videos appear on his website, as well as Prager U.  In fact he shared his latest, and it is well worth 4 minutes:

Then, he addressed the spirited, Israel-loving crowd, calling it “preaching to the choir.”  One of my favorite lines came as he was talking about the threat of violence if the US Embassy is moved to Jerusalem.  Before giving specific arguments to refute that threat, he said:

“Terror is terror, and it is against the entire Judeo-Christian world.  It is not because of what we do, but because of who we are.”

It was a very interesting speech, but rather than try to capture and recount his remarks, I want you to hear the Ambassador for yourself!  It is a 25-minute clip, so pour yourself a cup of coffee and take a listen!  Enjoy!


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