Memorial Day’s Biblical Roots

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Today America celebrates its victories and those who fought for them, honors all who have served, and remembers those who sacrificed their lives.  Most Americans view Memorial Day as one of the most significant that we celebrate, and I agree.

But, does Memorial Day have Biblical basis or significance?  I believe it does.  The Bible is replete with examples of creating memorials of remembrance.  Here are a few:

  • In Exodus 12, the Lord designated Passover as a memorial day. (Specifically, see verse 14)
  • In fact, each of the seven major feasts of Israel are to be memorials.  (See Leviticus 23)
  • When the Israelites crossed the Jordan River into the promised land, God instructed Joshua to take 12 stone from the Jordan and build a memorial.  (Read Joshua 4)

However, it goes much deeper than that, and is important that generations to come understand the importance of memorialization.  I have never heard this principle described more succinctly than in a new video recently posted on WND.   Please take a few moments to soak it in.  (Find it here.)

“This Memorial Day, let’s take some time to focus on those who have served our country. But let’s also remember that without a biblical context, Memorial Day becomes void of any real meaning.”
~Bill Heid

In Memory of Many…
In Honor of All.
Thank you!

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