US, Israel Wrap up “Juniper Falcon” Joint Training

We’ve been discussing the Israeli victory in the Six Day War.  But how do the Israelis prepare for war today?  In many ways, such as the just-concluded “Juniper Falcon” joint exercises with the US military.

Juniper Falcon included joint aerial exercises between Israeli and American Air Forces, as well as Water Jump Training and Maritime Interdiction Training which consisted of US Navy SEALs training alongside Israeli Shayetet 13 special forces.

Aerial exercises pitted squadrons of F-15 fighter jets from both the US and Israel in mock dogfights against Israeli F-16’s.  Training missions designed to destroy enemy air defense systems and ground targets were also conducted.  All drills were followed up with a “rigorous analytical process” involving all crews.

The goal of these annual operations is to improve operational capacity and to advance relations between the two allies.

For photos and video footage of some of the Juniper Falcon training, click here.

From almost a non-existent military force at the time of their independence, to gaining air superiority in the Six Day War, to technological advancements that have changed the way battles are fought, Israel’s military has evolved into one of the most powerful forces in the world.  Thankfully, the US military has remained a faithful ally to Israel, and has benefited by those technological advances.  Let’s pray that the relationship between the two grows even stronger!

We’re headed toward the conclusion of our series on Israel’s 50th Jerusalem Day celebration, so come back tomorrow for special reflections on the victory during the Six Day War.

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