The New French President: A “New World Order” Advocate

As you likely know, France has elected a new president: Emmanuel Macron.  After doing a bit of research on the new French leader, I tend to agree with Amir Tsarfati that we are likely looking at a significant force in pushing the “new world order” agenda.  Interestingly, Macron received endorsement from former US President Barack Obama.  (A very rare move by a president.)

I will also stop short (as Amir did) of identifying Macron as the antichrist, but believe he has characteristics that appear to be “antichrist-like.”  It is too early to say, and it is a waste of time and energy for us as believers to attempt to “discover” the antichrist.  Keep in mind that followers of Jesus will be taken out of this world by Jesus Himself prior to the antichrist’s treaty with Israel that launches the Tribulation.

Having said that, though, our world continues to produce evidence that we are living in the last days…indeed, the last minutes of the last days!  I grow more and more burdened for the church to be ready.  How about you?

Here is Amir’s commentary on Macron, as well as his teaching regarding Europe’s readiness to produce the antichrist.  Enjoy!

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