Franklin Graham: “Raise Your Voice” for the Persecuted Church

“You love life, we love death.”
“We have come to drink your blood.”
~Graffiti on the walls of a burned out church near Mosul Iraq

Dear friends, ISIS and other terrorist groups are not just destroying buildings.  They are destroying lives.  Lives of innocent men, women and children who hold different religious beliefs than they do.  They are bold, both in word and deed.  And it is happening far and wide, not just in the Middle East.

We often stereotype the problems of the Middle East as Arab-Israeli problems, but make no mistake: more Christians are dying for their faith than at any time in history.  Absolutely we need to pray for Israel and the battles, both spiritual and physical, they encounter.  But we must also pray for those whose lives are endangered because of their faith in the Jewish Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ.  Fellow believers, this is a spiritual battle, not a geopolitical or “religious” one.

As is common, Franklin Graham is leading a prayer effort, encouraging us to go before the throne of God on behalf of persecuted Christians everywhere.  As guests of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse, about 600 Christians, most of them persecuted or tortured for their faith, from 130 countries, have descended on Washington DC this week for the first-ever World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians.

I know many of you who follow this blog are people of prayer.  So I urge you to please join this effort.

  • Pray for those being persecuted right now.  (Here is the 2017 Watch List of countries where persecution is the greatest.  Lest you think this is simply a Middle East problem…you will be shocked to see who is at #41.)
  • Pray for the families of those who have loved ones living or serving in areas of persecution.
  • Pray that God Almighty will reveal Himself in supernatural ways to the persecutors themselves.  They need Jesus.
  • Pray for our nation’s leaders as they are exposed to the persecuted Christians meeting for the Summit this week in Washington DC.  May they be moved to action.
  • The underground church operates in all those areas of persecution.  Pray for boldness, safety, and a mighty move of the Holy Spirit as the church grows stronger in the midst of persecution.
  • Find more prayer points here.

I am praying for persecuted Christians…are you?  Meet you in the throne room.

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