Israel: Saving the Lives of Those Who Hate Them

Chaos reigns in Syria.  While government forces, rebel groups, ISIS, Russia and others wrestle for control of Syria (and its stockpiles of WMD), innocent (and some not-so-innocent) people find themselves in harm’s way.  When medical attention is needed, more and more are either fleeing or being taken to Israel for medical care.

Why?  Because they will receive world-class medical care…and no other Middle East neighbors will take them in for treatment.  Despite the fact that many view Israel as the enemy, they find the care they need in Israeli hospitals.

Often, the injured or ill make their way to the border where IDF soldiers transport them to the nearest Israeli hospital.  When they arrive, they are treated at no cost and often given a supply of medication when they leave.

Here is an interview with a Syrian refugee.  Take a few moments to view it.

Now, let’s consider a very important question: Why does the Middle East and much of the world hate Israel?  Why does the UN attack them at every opportunity?  Why are terrorists and certain regimes hell bent on annihilating Israel?

My friends, there is one reason and one reason only: this is a spiritual battle and Satan knows that his doom is sealed.  Throughout Scripture and throughout history, his ploy has been to destroy the Jewish people.  Why?  Because they produced the Jewish Messiah who will, indeed, rule the world.  People hate Israel and the Jews, not because of political reasons, but because of their birthright and their calling.  Through Abraham and his descendants, God promised to bless all the families of the earth.  That blessing…that gift…is Jesus Christ, delivered to the earth for the purpose of world redemption!

No wonder the enemy attacks Israel day-after-day!

Friends, I am more and more convinced that, in these last days, Christians must understand the work of the enemy, and we must stand with and support Israel.  This weekend, in Phoenix AZ, we are hosting a conference to tell us more about relating rightly to the Jewish people, and how to bless them.

If you are in the Phoenix area, and are a Christian committed to Israel, this is a “must do” event.  It is called “God’s Heart for Israel,” and will feature world-renown teachers and experts on Israel.  Scheduled to speak are Jonathan Bernis (President/CEO of Jewish Voice Ministries), Dr Michael Brown (author of Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus and over 20 other books), and Scott Volk (Messianic Jewish founder of Together for Israel).

In addition, we will be led in Messianic worship by none other than Marty Goetz, known the world over for his upbeat style with Jewish flair, and absolutely wonderful lyrics.

Date:  May 5-7
Time: 7:00pm Friday, 9:00am Saturday, 6:00pm Saturday night, 9:00 & 11:00am Sunday morning, and a full concert by Marty Goetz at 6:00pm Sunday
Cost: $25 for the entire conference and concert (or $10 for the concert only)
Location: Calvary Community Church, Phoenix AZ
More information and to register: CLICK HERE

I would love to meet you!  I’ll be at the registration table, so stop by and say hi!  See you there!

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