For Zion’s Sake – May 2017

My friends, we are entering what I believe to be critical days. The world stage is littered with rogue regimes with evil intentions, and May is filled with very important meetings of key world leaders…not the least of which is President Trump’s visit to Israel in late-May.

More and more, the eyes of the world turn to Jerusalem.  Why?  Because not only is Jerusalem the center of the world (Ezekiel 5:5), but she is also a cup of reeling and a heavy stone that will injure those who try to life it (Zechariah 12:2-3).  We are at a point in history in which we must determine where we stand in regard to Israel.

I stand with her…how about you?  Part of standing with Israel is being committed to pray for her, as Psalm 122, Isaiah 62 and other Scriptures command.  That is why I invite you monthly to join me in the ICEJ’s Isaiah 62 Prayer Initiative.  I encourage you to stop right now and read Isaiah 62 in its entirety.  Then, because we are in the 5th month of the year, we’ll focus together on the 5th verse:

For as a young man marries a young woman,
    so shall your sons marry you,
and as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride,
    so shall your God rejoice over you.

PRAISE: Most High God, we praise You that You rejoice in taking that which was separate, apart and alone and making it perfect, complete and delightful.  Who is like you, Lord?

PONDER: Think of the happiest moment in your life and you will have a good idea of how God will rejoice over Zion.  Not only will the Jewish people be “married” to Israel, but God will be married to her as well, and will rejoice over her.  Did you  know the Hebrew word for bride comes from a word that means perfect and complete?  Jerusalem will be united with God in response to our unceasing prayers.  For this blessed union we earnestly lift our voices to the Eternal Bridegroom.

PRAY: Tomorrow is the first Wednesday of the month, designated as the Isaiah 62 Prayer Initiative day of prayer.  You will find current and specific prayer points for this month by clicking here, then on “Current Prayer Guide.”  As you pray, you are joining a worldwide host of prayer warriors, committed to obey the command of God to pray for Israel!

Please get involved with this initiative.  You can do so in one or more of these ways:

  • If you are in the Phoenix area, please join us at 6:00 tomorrow evening (every first Wednesday) in Room 301 as we meet together specifically to pray.  You will find directions and more information here.
  • Pledge to pray.  If you can’t make it to a meeting, join the effort by committing to pray on your own.
  • Lead an Isaiah 62 Prayer Group in your home or church.
  • Find an Isaiah 62 Prayer Group in your area and join in prayer.

Another reminder, also, about the “God’s Heart for Israel” event coming this weekend to Calvary Community Church in Phoenix AZ.  One way we stand with Israel is to learn more about our role and responsibilities as believers.  This conference will help us do just that.  Find out more in this short video:

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