Trump Responds Strongly to Syria’s Use of Chemical Weapons

By now you’ve likely heard plenty of news regarding Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons on his own citizens.  Likewise, you have heard that President Trump ordered a very significant military strike (59 Tomahawk cruise missiles) to destroy the airbase from where the Syrian attack was launched.  News is happening quickly.  Read a report and see video of the US airstrike here.

My purpose is not to report the news, but to share thoughts about various things with you.

  • First, understand that Russia and Iran have, for years now, propped up the government of Assad.  Not because they like him, believe in him, stand for what he stands for or anything else.  But because Russia and Iran have their own agendas and Assad and the Syrian regime are pawns in the hands of Russia and Iran.
  • The Russian economy is supported in very large part by their ability to sell oil and gas to Europe.  Not only do they ultimately want to get their hands on  oil and gas recently discovered in Israel (Ezekiel 38‘s “hook in the jaw”), but they need port cities and pipelines to distribute oil and gas.  Syrian ports on the Mediterranean provide that.
  • Iran is in it to position themselves and their proxies on Israel’s border.  Right now, they can do as they please in Syria because Assad allows it and no one else in the region (other than Israel) can do anything about it.  Their end game: create chaos, destroy the infidels, and make way for their (false) messiah.
  • The Syrian/Russian version of the chemical event is that Syria did indeed drop a bomb in their battle with the rebels, but it did not carry a chemical warhead.  Instead, it hit a rebel facility where chemical weapons were being produced.  Wrong!  Israeli and American intelligence knows EXACTLY from where the plane took off, what kind of plane it was, what kind of weapons it carried, who the pilot was, and many other details about the attack aircraft and pilot.  The pilot is a very high-ranking military leader and a known “Assad man” who has carried out chemical attacks many times before.  He has also named his Russian-made SU-22 “Al Quds 1” (Jerusalem 1, in English).
  • Because of the weight of the intelligence they had, Israeli authorities stated “with 100% certainty” that Assad was directly responsible for the attack.  To which President Putin promptly rang the phone of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to harshly rebuke him for “unfounded accusations.”
  • There is strong evidence that Assad has carried out more than 40 chemical attacks on Syrian citizens since the beginning of the Syrian civil war.  This particular attack (and a few others prior to this) used sarin gas, which is much more deadly than other types of chemicals, such as chlorine (which has also been used).
  • When Obama was president, he drew a “red line” when it came to the use of chemical weapons.  Assad (with Russian and Iranian backing) wanted to know just where the boundaries really were, so he crossed Obama’s “red line.”  Obama did nothing, thus Assad and other terrorists (including ISIS, which Obama called a “JV” team) were emboldened to do whatever they want, knowing that the world’s greatest power would do nothing.  Let’s hope that President Trump’s strong message, via the heavy missile attacks, is true commitment to stand strong against evil.

So, what’s the takeaway?  Simply this: though the world (particularly the Middle East) seems to be falling apart, God’s Word assures us that things are simply falling into place.  Damascus (capital of Syria) will eventually be destroyed (Isaiah 17:1).  Russia and Iran will ultimately team up to invade Israel when the Lord Himself puts the “hook in the jaw” (Russia’s yearning for oil/gas, perhaps) and draws them down from the north (Ezekiel 38).

For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom (in the Greek: ethnos…people group against people group), and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places.  All these are but the beginning of the birth pains.
~Matthew 24:7-8

Dear Bible students, we are witnessing the birth pains.  They get more intense and more frequent, and they will soon “give birth” to the rapture of the church.  Are you ready?

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