Nikki Haley: “The Days of Israel-Bashing (in the UN) are Over!”

US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, “rocked it” at the AIPAC Conference last week!

The former South Carolina Governor was chosen by President Trump to represent the US in undoubtedly one the most anti-Israel arenas in the world…the United Nations.  In the UN, one nation is sanctioned year-after-year more than all other member nations combined.  That nation is Israel.  Despite the human rights violations in places such as Syria, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and many other places where unthinkable atrocities are carried out against their own citizens, it is Israel who is on the UN agenda and targeted for sanctions every single year.

For example, in 2016 alone, 20 anti-Israel resolutions were adopted by the UN General Assembly, compared to only 4 for the rest of the world.  (One each for North Korea, Iran, Syria and Russia)  While Israel remains the only democracy in the Middle East, guaranteeing freedoms not granted elsewhere in the region, other rogue regimes murder, maim and rape their own citizens.

Ambassador Haley is determined to make a change.  In accord with the Trump administration’s vow to re-build strong relations with Israel, and to return America to a place of leadership on the world stage, Haley promised the crowd at AIPAC that “the days of Israel-bashing are over!”   She brought the house down several times as she committed to stand with Israel in the United Nations.

See and hear her remarks for yourself! Then, please commit to pray for the ambassador as she strives to make greater changes in the UN.

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