Israel: Innovation Nation – at the Super Bowl?

Ok, did you watch the Super Bowl?  I hear it was a fantastic game…but what does that have to do with Israel!?!

Did you know an Israeli-developed product made a big hit on Super Sunday?  The technology behind Intel’s 360 Replay was developed in Israel, and allows fans to “Be the Player,” as they view the game from the players’ point of view!

Intel acquired Replay Technology (an Israeli company) last March and pushed the product forward.  According to The Jerusalem Post:

By digitizing the entire arena, the Intel technology creates a “three-dimensional voxel” – or cube – instead of a two-dimensional pixel, according to Carwana. The system produces 15- to 30-second replays aired during live broadcasts that each require about 1 terabyte of data and are available from about a minute to a minute-and-a-half from the moment they occur on the field, according to Intel. The result is a virtual reality service that FOX Sports, which broadcast the game, described as a video game-like experience.

Read more about the invention here.

Get a glimpse of what it is like here.

Once again we see evidence of the incredible innovation that takes place in the tiny nation of Israel, yet impacts the world!

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