Nothing Seems to be Forthcoming from Today’s UN Session

A meeting of the UN Security Council was scheduled for today, but as of mid-afternoon, nothing seems to be forthcoming from the anti-climactic council meeting.

When Resolution 2334 was proposed in December, making it illegal for Israel to build in its own territory, and declaring places such as the Western Wall and the Jewish Quarter not to belong to Israel, the US failed to veto (in order to protect Israeli interests) and the resolution passed.  Only a few days later, Secretary of State John Kerry made a blistering 70-minute speech, proposing steps to implement the resolution.

Then, a Middle East Peace Conference convened on Sunday, and it was expected that the 70+ world leaders gathered there would take action to implement Kerry’s plan, or otherwise cause more harm to Israel.  But God’s people prayed, and God’s grace prevailed.  The Paris conference was a flop!

That brings us to today’s UN Security Council meeting.  It was thought that today’s meeting would bring forth additional resolutions, proposed in Paris, that could severely cripple Israel’s cause.  But alas, with nothing coming out of the Paris Peace Conference, there were no resolutions brought forth to push through the UN.

All these things were ironically scheduled to happen just days before the Obama administration leaves office on Friday!  Praise God, it appears the administration will ride into the sunset having been unsuccessful in beating down Israel any further.

Dear friends, your prayers are meaningful.  The end of James 5:16 (NLT) says:

The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.

Millions of righteous people were praying…great power was mustered…and wonderful results have occurred, all by God’s great mercy and grace.

With the same fervency, will you pray for the incoming Trump administration?  May they pursue wisdom and be guided by righteousness, and where Israel is concerned, may they be ever mindful of God’s promise to bless those who bless Israel!

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