IAF Takes out ISIS Cell in Syria

Following shots fired at IDF soldiers patrolling the Golan Heights, the Israeli Air Force successfully destroyed an ISIS terrorist cell in Syria.  Using the Syrian civil war as justification to set up shop on Israel’s northern border, ISIS and other terrorists cells backed by Iran threaten Israel’s security.

However, Benjamin Netanyahu (Prime Minister of Israel) vows not to allow terrorist organizations nor anyone else to use the chaos in Syria as an opportunity to impose on Israel’s borders.  In Sunday’s cabinet meeting, Netanyahu stated, “We are very prepared on our northern border, and we will not allow Islamic State, nor other hostile elements, use the war in Syria as cover to set themselves up on our borders.”

Once again, Israel is faced with terror from within (recent fires set by Arabs living in Israel) and terror from the outside (ISIS attacks, in this case).  Continue to pray for Israel and her safety and security.

PS: We’re diving back into our study tomorrow, with a look at a fourth great Bible covenant.  It will be an exciting week of study, so join us at the study table!

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