American Elections 2016: The Day After

UPDATE:  Donald Trump has won the 2016 presidential election.  Let’s pray for him.  How I praise God for granting us a Vice President who knows and honors the Lord.  May he become the Josiah we need to give our country direction.


Well, we woke up this morning to a new day dawning.  No more political ads (praise God for that!), but a new president set to take office in January.  No one knows what this “new day” will bring, but the majority of Americans seem to be apprehensive, if not fearful.  A recent poll (taken before the election) indicated that a whopping 82% of Americans were dissatisfied with both candidates and were voting “against” a candidate, rather than “for” one.  In that regard, it is a sad day in America.

At this writing, we are yet to know who our next president will be, but the votes are cast and hopefully we will know soon. In a Clinton presidency, pastors may be endangered by preaching against sin.  Christian organizations may face financial crisis as non-tax status goes away or is greatly hindered.  Christian business owners may be forced out of business because they refuse to bow to the pressures of relenting to things that offend their conscience.  Evangelism may soon become “hate speech.”  In a Trump presidency, America may be alienated from allies around the world, we may have internal strife, and Trump may prove to be a loose cannon that cannot be reigned in.  Many see doom and gloom, but I look at it a different way!

Our King of Kings still sits on the throne!  As Christians, this is not our doomsday.

He has not lost control, nor is He void of a plan!  Things in this world are not falling apart, they are falling into place!  Throughout history, the church rises in times of adversity.  Around the globe, Christianity grows stronger when persecution increases.  Hard times may come.

What will we do, church?  What will YOU do?  If you are a Christian, yet not fully committed to seeking and walking with the Lord, here is a warning: commit to it now!  None of us are equipped or able to “do our own thing” right now, yet “flip the switch” and walk in Godliness when things get ugly.  We have to be walking in righteousness now in order to walk in righteousness when challenged!

I believe the Lord will send a sweeping revival before the trumpet sounds and Jesus comes to “meet us in the air.”  (1 Thessalonians 4:17.  This is the rapture.)  Why do I think that?  Because He desires that none should perish, but that all come to repentance and salvation in Him.  (2 Peter 3:9)

Image result for as for me and my house

Do you ever pray “Maranatha, Lord come quickly?”  If so, God’s perfect timing will bring about the fulfillment for that which you pray!  But it will come amidst some turmoil.  He is answering our prayer, so put on your seatbelt because it is going to be a ride!



By the way, Franklin Graham has words of encouragement for us as well.  Please see 5 Steps You Can Take No Matter Who Wins the Election.

RISE UP church…our time has come!

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