Blessed is the Nation Who’s God is the Lord

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Short and sweet today…

It is election day in America.  There is doom and gloom everywhere, our government is broken, and our “house” (our nation) is out of order. (See A Prayer Walk around DC, from a recent visit there.)  But let’s remember that, without a doubt, our nation was founded on Christian principles.  God HAS blessed America…and it is time that we bless Him.

One final plea to every Christian in America: 25 million Christians failed to vote in 2012…and we see where that has left us.  Let’s not continue that trend.  If you have not yet voted, please do so.  It is a privilege that few in other countries have.  American men and women have lost their lives to grant you that privilege.  Furthermore, it is a God-given responsibility that comes with living in the land God called to be the light to the world.

Some would say that light is going out in America.  I beg to differ.  In times of persecution and trial, the church flourishes.  Thousands (perhaps millions) of believers have prayed for a Great Awakening in our country.  What if God is answering our prayers?

Christians, let not the evil forces of darkness consume our country!  Awaken…and ARISE!  Now is our time!

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