Christians Parade Through Jerusalem in Support of Israel

Thousands of Christians from all over the world gathered in Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles (known by the Jews as “Sukkot”) last week.  The event is sponsored by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem and is a very joyous celebration.  Leviticus 23 details seven annual celebrations.  One thing that makes the Feast of Tabernacles unique is that it is the only Jewish feast in which Gentiles are invited to attend and celebrate alongside the Jews.

To learn more about the Feast of Tabernacles, click here.

Each year during the Feast, Christians march through Jerusalem to show their support and love for Israel and the Jewish people.  This year was no different!  Last Thursday, 4000 evangelical Christians took part in the march through the streets of Jerusalem, signaling to the Jews that Christians from around the world stand with them!

I encourage you to read Spectacular Parade of Nations Showcases Christian Support for Jerusalem for details of this year’s march.

I hope you are a regular and outspoken supporter of Israel and the Jewish people.  Our Lord commands us to do so, and it is a blessing to them and to us.  I invite you to join us in study and fellowship via this blog as we focus on rightly relating to the Jewish people.

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