ICEJ Works to Combat the UNESCO Resolution Denying Jewish Connection to Holy Sites

Hi everyone!  As you read in yesterday’s post, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) adopted a resolution denying all Jewish connection to holy sites such as Temple Mount.  This is yet another attempt by the very anti-Israel UN to re-write history and blot out the existence of the Jewish people.

However, are you aware that YOU have an embassy in Israel?  Embassies are established in other nations to give a presence and a representation in that country.  Typically, embassies are nationalistic, and are staffed by ambassadors. For example, many nations have embassies in Washington DC, and their ambassadors have a “voice” in which to speak on behalf of their nation’s best interests here in our nation.

Well, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem is just that…an embassy filled with ambassadors, speaking out for our Christian interests in Israel!  It is not a “national” embassy, but a “kingdom” embassy…representing the Kingdom of God!  It is YOUR embassy, your “voice” in Israel.

Since the announcement by the UN, the ICEJ has begun work with its embassy offices around the world to change the wording of that horrific UN resolution!  Did you know you have that kind of representation?  God’s Word commands us to bless Israel (Genesis 12:3) and to pray for Israel (Psalm 122, Isaiah 62); and it admonishes us to remember Jerusalem (Psalm 137:5-6).  ICEJ leads the way in representing the Christian “voice” in Israel and around the world.  I encourage you to read this brief letter from ICEJ’s Executive Director.

By the way, it is the ICEJ who is hosting the Feast of Tabernacles, getting underway right now in Israel!  (See earlier post from today for more info.)  I encourage you to check out the festivities on ICEJ’s live streaming site.  However, don’t expect it to be your normal Sunday service!  Sessions are led by Christian leaders from around the world who often have much different “styles” than perhaps you’re used to!  But it is great preparation for the promised day when people from every nation will “go up to Jerusalem” to worship the King of Kings!

Blessings as you participate in the Feast of Tabernacles celebration!

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