President Obama’s Last Speech to the UN General Assembly

For conservatives in America, the “last” of anything from President Obama is a welcome bit of news.  Though he is our president and we are commanded in Scripture to honor, submit and pray for him, most true Christ-followers find his ideas and leadership style far too liberal for our tastes.

Nonetheless, I was curious to hear what he had to say about Israel in his final address to the UN yesterday.  Though I have yet to watch the entire speech, from what I can tell, he had very little to say about Israel other than they should seek to live at peace with the Palestinians.  I actually agree with that…it is how the Obama Administration has attempted to force certain negotiations down Israel’s throat that rubs me (and others) the wrong way.  Israel doesn’t need the US telling her what to do and how to do it.  What she needs is a faithful ally who doesn’t necessarily agree with everything she does, but that partners with her to advance hers and our best interests.

For those who are interested, below is Obama’s entire speech to the General Assembly.  Meanwhile, as he serves his final days in office, let’s be faithful to pray for him and for the direction he leads our nation in his final days.  There is still much havoc that could be brought (such as an unfavorable resolution in the UN) against Israel.

Also, Obama is scheduled to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel’s Prime Minister) today in NYC.  Indeed, they have likely met before this post goes live, but pray for the two of them anyway, that they will continually conduct business together as good allies should.

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