Is the 10-year, $38 Billion Military Aid Package to Israel a Good One?

After much negotiation, Israel and the US finally signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Washington DC yesterday.

But is it in America’s best interest?  Is it in Israel’s best interest?  Those are both very complicated questions, and it depends upon how you look at it.  From a practical standpoint, talk of billions of dollars going anywhere gives me a brain cramp!  However, if Israel is not safe, the US is not safe, so we must consider the cost of supporting our greatest ally in the Middle East.

Officials from both nations are lauding the “historical” agreement, but I wonder what’s behind the veil.  For example, was Israel forced into the realization that to wait for the new president before making this decision may be more detrimental than signing a deal while the most anti-Israeli president in US history is in office?  After all, Hillary Clinton is a huge supporter of the Iran deal, and has promised time and again that no American troops will be dispatched on the ground.  Donald Trump, on the other hand, said early in his campaign that he would remain “neutral” on the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

Senator Lindsey Graham, Chairman of the Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Subcommittee, certainly has valid concerns for the agreement, among which are the immediate threats from Iran and radical Islamic sects throughout the Middle East.  Does this MOU do enough to protect and defend the interests of our allies?  Of equal concern is that Israel will be limited in how they use the aid money.  More specifically, they must use the vast majority of it on American equipment.  This stifles Israel’s defense wizardry, and forces them to turn to the US instead.

Of note, Israel has developed some of the best avionics and weaponry systems around.  Certainly they should be encouraged to put Israeli intelligence and ingenuity to work in the best interest of both Israel and the US.  Also of note, the old agreement required Israel to share cutting-edge technology with the US.  Makes me wonder: Who is losing out in this deal?

You can read about Sen Graham’s concerns, recorded in an interview with Joel Rosenberg here.  The good news is that at least there is an agreement, and at least in the near term the US will continue providing needed military aid to Israel.  Let’s hope America doesn’t get too wrapped up in political correctness and fail to partner and assist Israel in whatever ways necessary if it comes to that.

Let’s pray for great wisdom amidst our nation’s leaders and Israel.  I have a feeling the days ahead will require us to either stand together in unity with the Jewish state, or watch our own nation implode.  God forbid.

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