PM Netanyahu “Tells it Like it Is”…and is Rebuked by US Administration

For years the US administration has pressured Israel to negotiate peace with the Palestinians.  In fact, more than one US-led attempt to mediate peace between the two has ended in failure.

Recently, Russia has entered the fray, and just days ago Russia’s Foreign Ministry announced plans for peace talks between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, to be held in Moscow.

The sticking point these days has to do with pre-conditions.  Each side wants certain things “on the table” before they will negotiate.  Israel wants defensible borders (and has, in past negotiations, been willing to make land concessions in return for peace).  The Palestinians want control of the West Bank with absolutely no Jewish presence.

To which, Netanyahu says:

Obviously, depending upon which side of the political fence you stand, and/or your position on Israel in general, disagreements are possible.  However, the US administration seems to make it their mission to “parent” Israel as a big brother or sister might try to parent a smaller sibling.

Following Netanyahu’s statement, the US State Department immediately rebuked him, calling his words “inappropriate and unhelpful.”

However, in the video, the Prime Minister asks three very important questions:

Would you accept ethnic cleansing in your state? A territory without Jews, without Hispanics, without blacks? Since when is bigotry a foundation for peace?

Indeed, we would not allow someone to take over any part of the US and drive out a particular people group.  Furthermore, it is ludicrous to think that doing so would bring about peace.  It would only create more hatred and discord.

It is high time that the US stop trying to dictate to our greatest friend and ally in the Middle East what they should and should not do.  Furthermore, the State Department and the White House need to quite using the media to reprimand them.  While I agree that wise discussions between the two are valuable and beneficial, it is not in either party’s best interest to fight a media war with one another.

Will you join me in prayer for the leadership of both the US and Israel?  Lord have mercy if our leaders fail to figure out how to mutually bless one another.  Meanwhile, let’s pray for Palestinian leadership as well.  Our God is a great God, whose sovereignty is beyond our imagination.  He has never lost control of the situation, and never will!  Pray that His will be understood and done in the midst of difficult relationships in the Middle East.

Thank you, praying friends!


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