Decision America Tour: Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

As the US presidential election draws near, the Decision America Tour continues to roll through the northeast.  Living out our faith at home, in public and at the ballot box is the fuel behind the effort by Franklin Graham to visit every state capital in the union prior to election day.  As Christians, there is no better time to stand and be heard.  There is no better time for us to exercise our faith in everything we do.

This week’s scheduled stops are in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  If you live in or near the capital cities of those states, I encourage you to attend the prayer rally. You will find information on the website linked above.  If you are not in the vicinity of these events, please join in prayer from wherever you are.  God hears our prayers, and when we pray collectively and earnestly, the Lord is moved.  Let’s join together in the throne room of the Great King, Jesus Christ!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016: Dover, Delaware

  • 15% of Delawareans have never attended church regularly, the highest such percentage of any state.
  • While 81% of Delawareans call themselves Christians, only 5% identify as evangelical.
  • Delaware has the 6th highest violent crime rate in the nation.

“As we consider Delaware, Father, we thank You for this state who was the first in our nation’s history.  Thank You for the courage of our forefathers to establish states in a new country committed to the principles of Your Word.  We have fallen away as a nation, and our prayer is that You will use this first state to turn us back to the principles upon which we were founded.  We pray for those who are missing the blessing of gathering together with Your people on the Lord’s Day to worship You, and we pray that as You are faithful to draw them, they will be faithful to follow.  We pray, also, that Christians will take a stand, both in Delaware and across our great land.  As we do, Father, we are convinced that things such as crime rates will diminish.  You are calling Your church, and we desire to heed Your call.  Please make Delaware a “first” in that as well.”

Wednesday, September 14, 2016: Trenton, New Jersey

  • New Jersey has the second highest population density in the US, at about 1,195 people per square mile.
  • 26% of births in New Jersey in 2011 ended in abortion.
  • Only 21% attend church, pray and read the Bible each week.

“Lord, New Jersey residents don’t have to go far to find their neighbors!  Therefore, revival fire could spread very quickly through this densely populated state, and we pray that it does!  Holy God, only You have the keys that unlock the needs of people and we pray that You will bring knowledge that human life is important…that every created being is created in Your image, and You and You alone determine our days.  Father, we pray for those mothers who are, at this very moment, contemplating abortion.  Please send Christians their way who will share with them the love of Jesus, and will encourage them that life has great meaning.  Lord, may the 21% who attend church, pray and read Your Word grow exponentially as revival sweeps across New Jersey.  Strengthen the 21% to do the work You have called them to.  Sustain them, bless them…that their state may be blessed.”

Thursday, September 15, 2016: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

  • In Pennsylvania, more people die each year because of drugs than car accidents.
  • 40% of residents have left the church or have never been to church before.
  • 11% say they are atheist or agnostic.
  • 13% live below the poverty line.

“Our hearts break for those in Pennsylvania and around our country who have such need, and seemingly no one with whom to share the burden.  We pray for those living in poverty, Lord, and we ask You to provide a way out.  We believe You can and will do that, so we also pray that the way out is recognized, and that people will take steps to find the assistance they need.  Father, please protect them from turning to crime or to drugs or other empty sources.  May they find the true source of all life is in You!  For those who have left the church (or have never been) and those who profess to be atheist or agnostic, we pray they will come face-to-face with the one true and living God, Jesus Christ.  Send Christians as Your ministers, Lord, or just appear to them supernaturally.  We know You are doing that throughout the Middle East, and we long to see a move of Your Spirit here that we’ve never seen before.  Choose Pennsylvania as the spark that lights the fire, O God!”

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