Franklin Graham to Lead the Nation in Prayer ahead of the DNC

Praying friends, last week Franklin Graham led our nation in prayer (via FaceBook), just prior to the opening of the Republican National Convention.  While praying for our nation, he also didn’t waste the opportunity to present the Gospel message…and hundreds responded that they had accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!  Praise God for that!

Tomorrow, Franklin Graham will once again take to FaceBook to lead our nation in prayer ahead of the opening of the Democratic National Convention.  (His FB page is here.)  He will pray live at 2:00pm Eastern (11:00am in Phoenix), and I would love to see this effort far surpass the 50,000 who joined him live last Monday!

Make plans to join live, let your friends know, and encourage them to join as well!  There are MILLIONS of Christians in the US and I sincerely hope we “show up” en masse!  What a message it would send to our leaders if half of all dedicated, committed Christians joined live!  Moreover, if MILLIONS of us entered the throne room of our great God, on behalf of our nation, what a blessing God would pour out.

(I understand…some of us have work obligations and cannot attend live.  Check in as soon as you are able.  I’m sure the prayer will be recorded and posted.)

Come on, fellow prayer warriors…let’s join the effort!  Meet you in the throne room!


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