Jews are Seeking…and Finding…Messiah!

As Gentiles, few of us understand and appreciate the true essence of Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), which is celebrated by Jews all over the world beginning at sunset tonight.  God ordained this highest of holy days for His people, and it contains incredible significance.  (See Celebrating Yom Kippur and Jesus: The Fulfillment of Every Jewish Feast.)

One thing of significance is that God has promised to save all of Israel (Romans 11:26), but they must first experience national revival.  They must repent (as our nation should!) and turn to their Messiah.

Good news, friends!  There is evidence that they are doing just that!  As I read Joel Rosenberg’s blog today, my heart burst with joy and excitement and I can’t keep it to myself!  I know I’m “pouring it on” with posts right now, but exciting things are happening and I don’t want to miss a minute of it!  How about you!?!

Thus, I strongly encourage you to read A big, untold story: Since last Yom Kippur, millions of Jews have begun searching for the Messiah, and for atonement for their sins.  May your heart burst with joy as well, and may we as believers be encouraged to provoke our Jewish friends to jealousy!  (Righteously, of course, according to Romans 11:11-16.)  Will you take a moment right now to pray for a worldwide Jewish awakening to their Messiah?

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