God’s Prophetic Pause

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This is an exciting prophecy, isn’t it!  It is also critical to fully understanding God’s plan of the end.  On the day Jesus was rejected as the Messiah, God pressed the pause button on His program for Israel.  The time of the Gentiles, the Church Age, began and we are living in that prophetic pause right now!

To begin our study today, let’s return to the 6 objectives from Daniel 9:24.  Which of the 6 objectives do you believe have already been fulfilled?

  • Finish the transgression
  • Make an end of sin
  • Make atonement for iniquity
  • Bring everlasting righteousness
  • Seal up vision and prophecy
  • Anoint the most holy place

There may be theological debate, so it’s best not to be dogmatic.  However, when one considers the purpose for which Jesus came to earth, a strong argument may be made that Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection accomplished the first three objectives for us!  It is also clear that everlasting righteousness has not been achieved, prophecy has not been sealed (it is still happening!), and the most holy place has yet to be re-built, much less anointed!  God’s plan is laid out, but it will not be finished until God releases the pause button!

We’ve learned that 69 of the 70 weeks of years have been fulfilled, culminating with the cutting off of the Messiah.  God’s stopwatch has been turned off as we await the 70th week of years.  But is there Biblical precedence for other pauses?  Yes!  Take a quick look at these passages:

Isaiah 9:6           Zechariah 9:9-10              Isaiah 61:1-2

In Isaiah 9:6 we find that, indeed, a child was born and a son was given.  However, the government is yet to rest on His shoulders.  But that day is coming!   The prophet Zechariah accurately prophesied that a king endowed with salvation was coming and that He would be mounted on a donkey.  That happened!  However, did he miss the boat when, in verse 10, he promised that the king would speak peace to the nations and that His dominion will be from sea to sea?  Of course not!  The time for fulfillment of those prophesies has simply not come yet.  So, what about Isaiah’s familiar prophecy in Isaiah 61:1-2?  Yes, the Spirit of the Lord was upon Jesus, and He was anointed.  But have all the afflicted, brokenhearted, captives and prisoners been set free?  Not yet, but the time is coming.  We are in the “pause” of each of those prophesies as well.

So, when will God release the pause button and finish His plan for the Jews?  Good question…glad you asked!  When the time of the Gentiles is fulfilled, God will resume His plan for His chosen people.  The Church Age will end at the rapture, when all believers are snatched away to meet Jesus in the air.  To see how the apostle Paul describes that event, read 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.

That will be phase one of the Second Coming.  Those who have surrendered their lives to Jesus will be raptured and will enjoy a wedding feast with our Lord.  Soon after the rapture, the 7-year tribulation, the most horrific time in history, will occur on earth.  That 7-year tribulation will be that 70th week of years!

Thus, when God has completed His plan for believing Gentiles and the rapture takes us to meet Him in the air, He will release the pause button and will finish His plan for the Jews!

God cares about His chosen people, and He has not forgotten about them!  He will once again show Himself to be their God and they will be His people forever!  End your study today by praying for the peace of Jerusalem, and praying that the Jewish people will recognize their Messiah!

Don’t miss our final lesson of the week tomorrow, as it is fascinating!  See you then!

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