Analysis of the Iran Nuclear Deal…and the Propaganda War

Welcome back friends!  We’ve spent the past few days, with the help of a 7-part video project, considering the impact of the Iran nuclear deal.  Today, I want to recommend some resources to help us better understand the deal and tomorrow I want to get much more personal regarding what we know about the deal.

First, if you have not seen or read the deal and care to do so, the full text can be found here.  I actually read it because I wanted to “see for myself” what it contained.  It is long and laborious, so unless you’re into detail, it may not be your cup of tea!

Secondly, just today Joel Rosenberg released his analysis of the deal and it can be found here.  I believe Rosenberg to be a trustworthy source.  He has duel American-Israeli citizenship, is well-connected with government, military and intelligence personnel in both countries, is a strong believer in Jesus Christ, has Jewish ancestry, and is one of the world’s foremost experts in Bible prophecy.  I agree wholeheartedly with his assessment.  The Iran deal is beyond atrocious…to the point of unbelievable.  In essence, it hands Iran nuclear weapons, while at the same time removing all sanctions.  Within a few short years, not only will Iran have nuclear weapons, but they will also have the capacity of HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars to fund terrorism.  (Iran is the world’s largest supporter of terrorism now, despite the sanctions currently in place.)

Thirdly, the propaganda war that is taking place is absolutely indescribable!  You will read some of the flip-flopping done by the Obama administration in Rosenberg’s analysis.  However, the tactics are growing even more outrageous as the White House spins wild tales in order to defend the deal.  Currently, Obama is focused squarely on convincing American (and Israeli) Jews that Congressional defeat of the deal will result in rockets falling on Tel Aviv.

Fourthly, Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel’s Prime Minister) has waged a courageous media campaign to speak up for Israel and the Jewish people.  Yesterday he addressed American Jews and answered important questions in a video conference.  It is a 22-minute video, but I encourage you to watch it, and pray that God will bless him with great wisdom, courage and stamina as he remains faithful to speak up for his citizens and Jews worldwide.

Yesterday we asked the question, Will the World Speak up This Time?  I believe it is safe to say that Netanyahu is speaking up!  Tonight there is a Republican debate, and I hope we hear at least some of them speak up as well.  But it is not enough!   Come back tomorrow for “I Will Speak Up!”  Let’s all commit to it!

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