Netanyahu Threatens to “Act with Power”

The barrage of rockets from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel continue.  Despite that, high school students in Sderot took matriculation exams while prepared to head to shelter if code red sirens went off.

Parents, imagine if your students had to go to school for an exam in the midst of rocket attacks on your city.  Can you imagine the stress?  Young people, you think YOU have it rough during exams!  One student said: “The matriculation exam was stressful – both because of the material and also because of the Kassams.  If there was not a threat of a code red siren it would much less stressful.”

Meanwhile, PM Benjamin Netanyahu appeared at a 4th of July celebration at the US Ambassador’s residence today and indicated that, regarding the rocket fire from Gaza, Israel is preparing for two possibilities: 1.) That rocket fire on Israel will stop, resulting in ceasing of their counter-attacks or 2.) That  the IDF will act “with full strength.”  Israeli troops along the Gaza border have been beefed up.

Things continue to be tense in Jerusalem as well, following the murder of an Arab teenager.  Palestinians believe he was murdered by radical Jews in retaliation for the kidnapping and killing of three Israeli youth a couple weeks prior.  The murder is still under investigation.

Hatred and violence continue unabated throughout the Middle East.  Some are jumping on a bandwagon believing that a prophecy in Psalm 83 is about to come to fruition.  Others believe the stage is being set for the Northern Invasion described in Ezekiel 38-39.  Regardless, we know that the time of Jesus’ return is near.  Are you ready?

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America needs a Spiritual Awakening!  Please join Anne Graham Lotz and thousands of others in this Urgent Call to Prayer.


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