Innovation Nation: Water, Food, Seeds

What if you could make water from thin air?  Or, how about healthy, delicious meals from a small capsule?  What would happen if a farmer’s yield increased significantly simply by producing better seeds?

Sound like an episode of the Jetson’s or some other futuristic, fictitious scenario?  What seems impossible to some is simply a challenge to be met by Israeli Food Technology!  Check out this 2-minute Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs video:


Those who believe God has not blessed the land and the people of Israel just haven’t experienced Israel, the most unique place on earth!

Shabbat shalom!

Helping the World Grow More with Less

Do you have a drip system in your yard?  I live in the desert, and I know of very few people and places around Phoenix AZ that do not have a drip system.  Most of what grows here is watered by the drip…drip…drip of a system that provides only small drops of water over a period of time to help plants exposed to extreme sunlight and temperatures survive.

Well, the terrain and climate I’m used to is similar to parts of Israel, where the drip irrigation system was invented.  You see, after being exiled to the four corners of the earth following Roman conquest in 70 AD, Jews began returning to their land in significant numbers in the 1800’s.  What did they find when they returned?  Barrenness, sand dunes and hardened desert.  No one wanted this strip of useless, good-for-nothing land, yet it was the land God had given to Abraham and his descendents.

The Jewish people worked hard to make something of their homeland, and in the mid-1960’s a man noticed that a particular tree was growing much better than those around it.  When he examined the tree closer, he noticed that a broken pipe was emitting single drops of water that were providing the moisture needed to make this particular tree thrive while those around it did not.  Using his Jewish intuition, the man soon founded Netafim, and introduced drip irrigation to the world!

Since then, Netafim has been the industry standard in drip irrigation, and has taken their product around the globe, helping the world grow more with less.  Here are a few interesting facts:


Netafim is also a key player in making Israeli deserts bloom!  (Fast forward to the 7:00 mark in that video.)

So, next time you notice your drip system, thank God for Israeli innovation!  Oh…and BTW, just a few days ago Netafim was sold for $1.5 billion, but will remain in Israel for the next 20 years, providing jobs for Israelis!  Now that’s a bargain!

Israel: The World Leader in Water Recycling

Technology abounds in many areas in Israel: electronics, medicine, agriculture and more.  Israelis lead the world in water conservation and recycling…and it’s not even close!  Almost 90% of Israel’s wastewater is recycled and used for irrigation, and the next closest nation recycles less than 20%.

Furthermore, Israel has more than enough water for itself and uses the excess to build bridges of peace and friendship with others (including the Palestinians).  Their desalination plants turn the salty Mediterranean Seawater into drinking water in less than an hour!

Learn more about how Israel supplies itself and its neighbors with water:

Israel: Innovation Nation – Desalination

Shabbat Shalom friends!  I want to return briefly to a feature we haven’t visited in a while: Innovation Nation.  Israel is a world leader in innovation. For example, technology in your cell phone was likely developed (partially or in full) in Israel.  Many computer chips trace their design back to Israeli researchers.  The drip system and many other agricultural advances have come from Israel.  Medical, military and other technology flourishes there.

Today, I want to focus on yet another innovation that has put Israel at the forefront: the desalination of salt water into drinking water.  However, before I go there, I want to introduce you to an Israeli concept that is ingrained in Jewish culture.  It is called tikkun olam, which means “repair of the world” by means of acts of kindness and giving.  The teaching is found in the Mishnah (Rabbinic teachings) and is a familiar tenet of Jewish life.  In other words, the Jewish people place great value on doing things that make the world a better place.

Now, consider the idea of “innovation nation.”  Israel innovates, not simply for their own benefit, but for the benefit of others around the world.  They are notorious for sharing their technology with those in need.  As an example, teams of Israeli agricultural masterminds have traveled to desert lands such as Africa to provide other cultures with the technical know-how to make crops grow in their arid regions.  They also cooperate with Jordan, their Arab neighbors to the east, to convert sea water into drinking water.

Here is an informative video about that process, and how Israeli innovation is once again putting Israel at the head of the class when it comes to providing water…and when it comes to making the world a better place.  Tikkun olam!  Enjoy!

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