The Call that Never Came: A Pilot’s Story of 9/11

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I’m departing from the norm today in order to commemorate those who lost their lives 17 years ago in the tragedy of 9/11.  On that day, America faced some of its darkest hours when terrorists flew airplanes into the twin towers of NYC, the Pentagon in Washington DC and a field in Pennsylvania (targeting the White House).  We lost almost 3,000 lives that day.

Today, though, I want to share a heartfelt, uplifting story of an American Airlines pilot who was supposed to fly that day.  The story is poignant, yet so incredibly inspiring.  You must hear this man’s testimony!

Perhaps we should all consider our life’s objectives and determine how committed we are to live them out.  May each of us be challenged by Steve Scheibner’s commitment, and blessed as we commit the same!

Remembering 911

Fourteen years ago yesterday we awoke to a brand new world.  Evil manifested ugliness that day in the terrorist attacks on New York City, Washington and Pennsylvania.  America became all too familiar with radical terrorism, and the world as we know it changed forever.

What has been lost since that episode is the urgency in which we await the arrival of our Lord Jesus Christ.  911 was a wake-up call, and America indeed woke up….for a short while.  All of a sudden, it was okay to pray in schools and public places, and America’s churches experienced attendance explosions not seen in years.  But today, we have digressed back to strict restrictions on where Americans may pray, and church attendance is now lower than it was prior to 911.  More sadly, many churches in America may still have people sitting in pews, but those people are not feed the meat of God’s Word, and we see apostasy sneaking even into our “places of worship.”

Astoundingly, since 911 when America was attached by radical Islamist, the proliferation of mosques in our country has grown exponentially.  Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but those who hold to strict doctrine of the Qur’an and other Muslim teachings, and the character of their prophet, Mohammad, are bound by their “theology” to engage in jihadist activity.  We seem to have allowed evil to march right in, set up shop, and develop terrorist cells ready and waiting a command to unleash destruction in our cities.

Dear friends, the alarm bells are going off again.  If you haven’t noticed, Iran is systematically being handed the keys to a nuclear arsenal, and Russia and Iran are stealthily taking over Syria.  We need to wake up!

Joel Rosenberg wrote and published an article in the Washington Review that I believe is very straightforward in its warning about “Apocalyptic Islam.”  I highly recommend Islamic Extremists are Trying to Hasten the Coming of the Mahdi.

If you are following along with our study, Looking for the Blessed Hope, this information goes right along with where we are headed!  We just launched the study on Thursday night and below is a link to today’s lesson.  May you be blessed!

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