A Weekend of Blessing!

Hi friends! In this crazy, out-of-control world we live in, sometimes it is hard to be focused on things that really matter…things that will carry us through when our vision seems blinded by all the chaos. So, let’s make this weekend one of great blessing!

Yesterday we entered the weekend with fantastic news out of California about victory over a mandate that would have run right over religious liberty. That is worth rejoicing in glory and honor to our King of King who still sits on His throne.

Today, there is great blessing in a virtual visit to a very special place in Israel, then tomorrow we will worship together with a brand new song of praise and expectancy of our soon-coming King!

Let’s get to our virtual visit. I have many “favorites” in Israel, but the story of special love for our Redeemer comes vividly clear at Magdala. It is an incredible stop on our Israel tours where we get an up close and personal look at the actual synagogue in that ancient city where Jesus most assuredly taught. It was also the home of Mary Magdalene (Mary of Magdala).

Mary’s part in the Biblical narrative should strike every one of us to the core, as we all have “a little bit of Mary” in us. Not physically, but spiritually. Mary was imperfect. She was an outcast in her own village. She battled her demons. Yet, once Jesus healed her, there was no person in the world more committed to her Savior than Mary Magdalene.

It’s the weekend, so invest 12 minutes of your time watching and meditating upon her story and how it applies to you as well. It may be your greatest blessing this weekend!

In February 2024, we will stand on the very sites you see and hear about in this video. The stop at Magdala will leave you desiring to follow after Jesus as Mary did. Later, when we see the Garden Tomb where Mary sought her Savior, the thoughts and emotions of Mary’s personal journey will likely return as you contemplate your own story of grace with the Risen Savior.

Find out more on our 2024 EXPERIENCE ISRAEL Tour website, then consider joining us!

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