“When People Stop Believing in God, They Believe in Anything!”

I am a big fan of Dennis Prager and Pastor Jack Hibbs. Not because of them personally, but because of what God does in the lives of these two men, and the power of their intellect and genuine love when divine providence brings them together. Occasionally, they are hosted by churches for “Ask a Jew, Ask a Gentile,” and what results is always profound. These two men love and respect one another like brothers.

About a year ago the two joined Pastor Dudley Rutherford at Shephard Church near Los Angeles and the video recently sprung up on social media. I was glued to the entire hour and 41-minute discussion. Here are some take aways, then I will share the entire video below for those seeking to be blessed by it.

“When people stop believing in God…”

Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky once said, “Where there is no God, all is permitted.” GK Chesterton is believed to have said, “When people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing – they believe in anything.” To those people, Christianity is nonsense, so they believe things such as men give birth, it is fair for men to compete against women, it is moral to cut off healthy body parts of kids, there is nothing wrong with looting and stealing, it’s okay to murder people if you are a “victim,” and on it goes.

As I listened to the discussion, it provided a new depth of insight and understanding of the lawlessness we see in our world. It is worth the time to hear the discussion, but if not, at least stop to consider the profound truth of Chesterton’s and Dostoyevsky’s quotes. Indeed, a society without belief in God leaves it bankrupt of truth, morality and hope. False doctrine, not only theologically, but in science and history as well, produce insane conclusions, ill logic and doctrines of demons. We are seeing it in our world today, and the left is leading the charge.

Three things that reveal a person’s true convictions:

  1. Definition of marriage
  2. Sanctity of life
  3. Israel’s right to exist

Pastor Jack calls that the trinity of truth. Where a person stands on those issues will reveal their views and positions on virtually all other matters. When there is no moral rudder, founded upon Biblical principles, then every man is left to do what is right in his own eyes.

Relationship of Jews and Believing Gentiles

This discussion was incredibly profound! Dennis Prager stated that his vehicle to God is reason, which has provided great opportunity for him to lead people to Christianity! (Yes, he actually said that!) There are nuances in this conversation (which begins around the 37:30 mark) that are priceless. But here are a few highlights:

  1. Dennis genuinely feels blessed to know and be around Christians despite the fact he holds firm to his Jewish beliefs. He also believes, however, Jews and Christians are closer in theology than most understand.
  2. Dennis was thrilled by one professing Christian’s story of being led to God by Dennis, to which he said, “I can’t tell you how happy and proud I am. All I ask of you is to tell everybody it was two Jews who did that!” (Inferring Jesus’ Jewishness!)
  3. Likewise, when Jack Hibbs first met Dennis in person, he told him “You are my favorite Jew!” To which Prager replied, “That’s not true. I’m your second favorite Jew!” What humor…and also what understanding Dennis Prager has of the importance of the Jewish Jesus to Christianity.
  4. Dennis had this to say about his relationship with Christians: “I say this in the joy of knowing you (Jack Hibbs) and many like you. But I say it with sadness as well. In fact of what matters to me more than anything, I’m much closer to you than to most Jews. And by the way, most of you are closer to me than to most non-Jews.

Beliefs about the Messiah

During “Ask a Jew, Ask a Gentile” episodes, the question of Jesus as Messiah almost always comes up, and I am always blown away by the discussion. It is never the same but is always thought provoking. Short of hearing the two of them discuss this all-important topic, you will not grasp just how profound it is. So, I urge you to pick it up at the 47:30 mark to hear the discussion. You will likely be very surprised at Dennis’ response to the idea of Jesus as Messiah! You’ve got to hear it for yourself!

David as a great leader…and the applications for us today

The final major topic featured David as a great leader, though he was sinful. Dennis made a point that we tend to make sins of a sexual nature far bigger than any other sin. While I believe sin has varying degrees of consequence (some worse than others), I agree that no sin is worse than another in God’s eyes. Sin is sin and it grieves the heart of God, no matter what it is.

So what can we learn from David, who committed adultery and had a man killed? (I doubt those were his only sins but Scripture certainly provides some vivid detail about them.) Dennis made the point that, as a rule, religious people have more wisdom than secular people. Of course there are exceptions: religious fools and secular wise people. But, in general, I think the principle applies. He went on to suggest that truth came to the fore with Donald Trump. Religious people, who are generally strict on sexual sin, were not most preoccupied with Trump’s sexual sins. Secular people were.

I’m not necessarily taking a position for or against Prager’s statement, but I do agree that we must consider as God considered David: “Are you going to be a great leader?” Not, “Are you a sinner?” If there is one thing Donald Trump proved to many of us, it is that he could make righteous choices (definition of marriage, sanctity of life and Israel’s right to exist), regardless of his sinful past. Despite what we think about him personally, he is a leader.

Oh, that we would all get beyond our own sinful pasts, as well as the sinful past of others, and get on with the divine purpose God created each of us for! Imagine what an impact Christians would have if we did that!

I praise God for Jack Hibbs and Dennis Prager and their willingness not to let differences drive a wedge. Rather, they are both committed to seek truth, justice and righteousness together. Yes, I pray for the salvation of Dennis Prager. It is of utmost importance. But I also pray for God’s blessings upon him as he strives for righteousness in today’s world of chaos. His divine calling is to influence people…and some are coming to salvation through him! There is no greater influence than that! God bless him!

Hey, make time for the video (though the first 15 minutes are certainly forgettable). I assure you there are blessings to be had! Enjoy!

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