Looking for a Way to Live Out Your Faith?

Hey Phoenix friends, are you satisfied with the direction our city, state and nation are headed? The Bible teaches us to stand for righteousness. Jesus Himself taught us to do business until He returns. We are to discern between good and evil. Are we fulfilling the exhortations of Scripture?

Children and young people in America (and around the world) are under attack. In parts of the country kids are getting body parts chopped off without parental knowledge or consent. It is appalling!

Well, guess what Arizonans…that and all other means of evil are coming to a school near you, and your kids, grandkids, friends’ kids and kids in general are the target! If Christians do not take a stand, who will? So, I’m imploring you to get involved and take a stand for righteousness!

Don’t know what to do? Join the club…neither do most of us. But there is help, and one resource is Turning Point USA’s faith chapters. They are grass roots groups, sponsored and/or hosted by local churches. There is a TPUSA chapter hosted by Desert Breeze Community Church in Phoenix (off of I-17, just north of Bell Road) with an upcoming meeting. Join other faith-filled patriots there next Monday night at 6pm to discover how you can make a difference.

See you there!

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