Today is the Day!

Today, 27 excited tour guests from 4 countries and 6 US states will board flights to meet up in Tel Aviv, Israel! Pastor John Kelley and I have the blessed privilege to host and to teach during our time together in the land of the Bible and we are very excited about this group of eager travelers!

EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOURS are customized tours that incorporate many opportunities for personal and cultural engagement that most tours do not. We are intentional about scheduling stops in which we will interact with Holocaust survivors, IDF soldiers, and Messianic, Arab and Palestinian pastors. Seeing the sights in Israel makes for a fantastic tour, but we go a step beyond to round out “fantastic” with experiences that will surely last a lifetime.

Though itineraries are always subject to change, our 2023 itinerary is posted here and I hope you will pray for our group and our leaders as we share this time together. Pray for wisdom as we guide and teach, and for our hearts and minds to be prepared for all God has for us.

Then, check back right here on this blog as we post daily from Israel. They happen to be 9 hours ahead of Arizona (from where most of us will depart), so news will come at various times of day. My prayer is that you will be blessed by the journey!

Now, if you will excuse me, I’ve got a plane to catch! Talk to you soon!


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