First Leg of the Journey is Done…but Not without Complications

The Phoenix group arrived safely in San Francisco and we are now awaiting the long haul to Tel Aviv.

Enroute, we’re also connected to other group member traveling from other destinations. Though some flights have gone smoothly, we have group members who have encountered difficulties. One faced weather delays but was able to make a connecting flight despite the delay. Another bought a ticket through a very well-known discount travel service, only to find they had not transferred funds and reservations to the airlines. The airline was unable to put her on the flight (despite receipts, a confirmation number, etc) unless she purchased another ticket. She did so and will have to work it out with the travel company once she returns. A third group member’s initial flight was cancelled and rerouting would result in arriving a day late, and entailed other issues as well. Unfortunately, she had to cancel.

Pray for travel of all our group members. The enemy is working overtime to delay and defeat some, but we know what that means: the Lord has something special!

We’ll depart San Francisco in a couple hours and will be in Tel Aviv tomorrow evening (mid-day in Phoenix). Enjoy the journey with us…

Our Phoenix group together for the first time at the airport, and our “ride” from San Francisco to Tel Aviv!

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