News Flash: God Doesn’t Need Our Help!

Humans do strange things when they try to help God out! In one of the most well-known “help God out” narratives, Abram’s aging wife, Sarai, sent her younger handmaiden into Abram to conceive and bear the son of promise. Yet, what transpired was the birth of Ishmael. What a tragedy that has brought upon the Jewish people throughout the centuries.

But it’s not just Abram and Sarai who were deceived in thinking God needed help! The reality is that we do it every day. Consider the times we go off in our own direction, apart from the will and guidance of the Lord. We somehow believe we have better ideas, and those ideas will work out better than those of the sovereign God of the universe!

There is a specific object lesson at a key site in Israel that reminds us of the propensity of humans to try to help God out! Our tour group will be in this special place next month, when we journey to the land of Israel! Check out Amir Tsarfati’s Bible Bite to find out where that place is, then follow us on this blog as we share live content from this particular place and dozens more! Tour launches February 17, but we’ll build up to that day, so keep an eye out here!


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