Check Out Our New Bible Study!

Hey friends, very soon our 2023 EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR will launch and we’re diligent to prepare our group for the amazement we will experience while there. Our tour theme is “God’s Faithfulness,” so we have prepared a Bible study to help lay some foundation of just how faithful God is in the past, present, and future. God’s Faithfulness to Israel: A Guarantee of His Faithfulness to Us is now available. Just click the link, or find it under the Bible Studies tab above!

In the study, each evidence of His faithfulness is on display in places we will actually see with our own eyes while in the land. The hope for those going on the tour is that this foundation will come alive once we step foot on those sights. But even if you are not traveling with us to Israel, we invite you to follow along. The Word of God will come alive as you study it and see Biblical evidence of His faithfulness.

We will also be posting live, right here on this website, from Israel during the tour. You’ll see pictures of places we visit and, if our technological abilities allow, we will try to post an occasional short video. Regardless, we want you to join us virtually as we prepare and as we tour the land. We leave on February 17 for two glorious weeks, so check in regularly!

If you have never been to Israel, or just long to return, keep an eye on our tour page. As future tours are scheduled, information will be available there.

Blessings and shalom!

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