Caesarea: Gateway of the Gospel

Caesarea by the Sea is a beautiful Israeli city on the Mediterranean coast replete with Greco-Roman history. The ancient city is dotted with relics from the time of Jesus and Acts 10-11 recounts one of the greatest blessings in Scripture if you happen to be a Gentile!

What is so special about that place? It proved to be the gateway of the Gospel to Gentiles. Keep in mind that Jesus’ disciples and followers were Jewish! So how did the Gospel make its way to Gentiles? Acts 10-11 provide the details, so take some time this weekend to read those chapters!

What incredible grace was shown to us as Gentiles when God chose to use the Jewish people to spread the Gospel…and the Savior…with us! But now, One for Israel is working to bring the Gospel back to the Jewish people! It is a prophetic task, and not an easy one! However, OFI is specifically equipped to take on the challenge and, as believers, we have a part to play!

Find out why:

There are many ways to become one for Israel! Supporting One for Israel financially is a great way to do so if you are seeking monthly or year-end opportunities to sow into a ministry with great impact.

However, we also partner with One for Israel for our EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOURS. They coordinate our itinerary and book our guide, bus and hotels for the tour. They are a fantastic partner, enabling us to fully customize a tour in which we engage the people and the culture.

In February 2023, we’ll visit Israel, including Caesarea, where we will dig into the Gospel gateway right there onsite! It is a very moving experience to be in the very place at which God opened the door for us to enter into covenant with Him!

That’s only one of many fantastic experiences we’ll have, and we have room for only a few more guests. If you have been thinking about joining us, now is the time! We’re locking in flights and hotel rooms in the weeks ahead, so please jump on board! You’ll find lots of tour information (including a registration link) on our 2023 EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR page, or contact us if you have specific questions:

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