More Natural Gas Found Off the Coast of Israel

Energean, an international production and development company, has found an additional 13 billion cubic meters of natural gas in Israeli coastal waters in the Mediterranean Sea. The area recently explored is part of the Olympus area, and specifically between the Karish and Tanin gas fields, already known to contain vast reservoirs of natural gas.

This comes on the heels of a maritime boundary dispute with Hezbollah, in which Israel gave up a chunk of a neighboring gas field to the terrorist organization.

Read more about the find here.

Fresh off his electoral victory in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu is making a comeback as Israel’s Prime Minister, but don’t expect him to have an easy time in the weeks and months ahead. Damage has been done, due to the lack of leadership, not only in Israel, but in America. The Middle East has become emboldened, as have other rogue regimes around the globe. But, let’s focus on the developments in the region.

With Russia currently tied up in Ukraine, Iran is pressing hard to move equipment, including attack drones, into Syria. Hezbollah has taken over Lebanon, and Turkey has taken its knocks. Meanwhile, if political winds blow the right way in Israel and the US, certain evil regimes may feel pressure to take action before some semblance of order is restored in Israel and America.

As natural gas continues to be found, and as Israel continues to grow economically because of it, how long before the hook in the jaw (Ezekiel 38:4) is set and a Russian czar (Putin?) leads a coalition including Iran, Turkey and mercenaries from Libya and Sudan in an invasion of Israel from the north….just as Ezekiel’s prophecy describes?

Before we focus too much attention on electoral victories or disasters, let’s remain mindful that there is a bigger picture yet to be unveiled. Exactly what is in store for our leaders, even if they win? Netanyahu will have his work cut out for him, and so will whoever wins seats in the US Congress.

Whether red or blue, America will ultimately have to decide whether or not to stand by Israel’s side, or cut her lose to fend for herself. In the end, we know what the answer will be. Are we there yet?

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