Why Should Christians Care about Israel?

There is a deep-seeded spiritual connection between God-loving Christians and God’s chosen land and people! To understand the Jewish roots of our Christian faith is to better understand God’s plan for both Jews and Christians. Jesus, a Jewish carpenter, is also our Lord and Savior. Israel gave us the greatest gift ever!

One for Israel does a fantastic job coordinating our EXPERIENCE ISRAEL tours, and there is no better way to grasp the Jewish connection to our Christian faith. It is also an unbelievable blessing to see first hand all that God is doing in the land of Israel. We’ll go there in February 2023 and would love for you to join us. We’ll see all the sites critical to our Christian faith, and will engage the people and the culture in ways no other tour does.

Why not check out our 2023 EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR, and make plans to join us! If you have questions or need additional information, drop us a line and we will respond right away!

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