Honoring Rivkah, a Jewish Believer in Yeshua

Following Jesus can be hazardous for Jews, Arabs and others in the Middle East. Sometimes believers are cast out of their own families, and can be treated badly mentally and physically. Yet, some have the perseverance to press on as they press into Yeshua (Jesus, in Hebrew).

Such was the case of Rivkah, who was beaten as a child and suffered debilitating injuries. Through the years, though Rivkah kept the faith and determined to live a joyful life. Recently, Rivkah’s time on earth was done and Jesus welcomed her home! One for Israel, who produced the video below, expressed it this way:

Born in 1944 Rivka Lazarowitch endured great trials to follow her Messiah Yeshua, and today she stands with Him in Glory. Rivka has passed from this life to life eternal, and heaven is lit up a little brighter by her smile. Join us as we celebrate her life, the testimony of Her Messiah and the Joy of her salvation. Help celebrate her life by sharing her story of faith.

In February 2023, we launch our next EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR. One of the most memorable stops we make is to a home for Holocaust survivors where we sit with them, hear their stories, and love on them. It is an experience that impacts every person in profound ways, and leaves you with deeper understanding of our Jewish friends.

We have a few seats left and want to share this blessing with you! Visit our tour website or email us at Looking4theBlessedHope@gmail.com for more information.

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