Food for Thought as You Prepare to Vote

In less than a week, America will elect many candidates to represent us in our nation, our states, our counties and our cities. We will also have voted on hundreds of propositions across the country. The stakes in this election are high, and the choices are more polar opposite than ever. This election is not about who will govern, but about who we choose to worship.

You see, if we choose to worship our Creator God, we will love what He loves and hate what He hates. He loves:

  • Righteousness
  • Truth
  • Justice
  • Children
  • Obedient followers
  • Law and order

He hates:

  • Murder of unborn babies
  • Forcing immoral and evil ideology upon our children (eg – transgender ideology)
  • Teaching young people to hate others of a different color or background than their own
  • Striping parents of their God-given responsibility to parent their children (eg – choosing what they are taught)
  • Fiscal irresponsibility
  • Lawlessness

We live in a very unique country…one in which God miraculously founded upon Biblical principles. In America, ALL rights are God-given. It is simply the government whose responsibility it is to guarantee those God-given rights. If they do, we align with what God loves and what God hates.

At this point, perhaps you have made up your mind about who to vote for and what referendums to support. Now, though, is the time to get out and VOTE YOUR VALUES, and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Please don’t “sit this one out.” Your vote matters, and if America has any chance of avoiding catastrophe in our government, Christians must take a stand.

Finally, Josiah was one of Israel’s most God-fearing and God-honoring kings, and he successfully brought Israel back from the brink of paganism. Will you commit to pray for our nation, and ask God to raise up a slew of Josiahs right here in America? If Christians stand, and if Christians pray, we will see God do amazing things! Let’s do it!

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