Israel’s Election: Is Jewish Sovereignty on the Ballot?

Israelis go to the polls tomorrow for an election every bit as important as our own in America. There is a 7-10 hour time difference (depending upon where you live) between mainland USA and Israel. That means “tomorrow” begins later tonight, so our prayer plea below should begin immediately. But first, some detail…

Though viewed as a “Bibi (Netanyahu) vs the rest” election, it is actually much more than that. Similar to the US, there is a globalist agenda afoot within the Israeli government, and some are willing to gamble with Israel’s national sovereignty to reach their goals. Though many politicians campaign on promises to act in Israel’s best interest, Israel has taken a radical left-wing turn since Netanyahu was ousted as Prime Minister in 2021. Among the concerns: declining world and regional respect; kowtowing to Biden administration pressure to back off on defense of Iran’s aggression, to soften communication with Hezbollah and the Palestinians, and to give up natural resources and sovereignty of territorial waters containing Israel gas deposits.

The latest example was the signing of an agreement to cede gas rights to Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon, despite not passing the initiative through the Knesset (Israel’s parliament) for a vote. This was done by the lame-duck custodial government in place until the election!

Throughout the Biden administration, there has been animosity toward Israel, particularly when it comes to their national security. Unlike former PM Benjamin Netanyahu, the current Israeli administration simply doesn’t have the chutzpah to stand up to a hostile American administration that does not have Israel’s best interests at heart. Therefore, Biden pressure has put Israel at risk. (If you’re into details, find out more in Caroline Glick’s latest: Jewish Sovereignty is on the Ballot.)

Never in the history of US-Israeli relationship have there been more important elections in both countries within such close proximity. Never have the stakes been higher, and never have the choices been more distinct. Thus, never has there been a more important time to pray. In America, the choices are between righteousness and evil. In Israel, the choice is whether or not Israel retains national sovereignty.

So, it is already well underway, but let’s focus on Israel today by joining Behold Israel in their prayer and fasting initiative:

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