Israel: In Search of Strong Leadership

Because all eyes seem to be on America’s elections, Israel is racing toward their fifth election in four years with little notice. Like America, Israel is suffering from weak leadership, making the upcoming election on November 1 crucial to right the listing ship.

With US elections concluding exactly a week after Israel’s, we are on course for elections that could dramatically change the Judeo-Christian world. The question is: will it change for better or worse? Unfortunately, the current political trajectory of both Israel and the United States is propelling our nations into chaos and lawlessness.

In Israel, former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is mounting a huge challenge to regain the premiership. He remains the single most popular candidate, but has failed in previous elections to garner enough mandates from other parties to form a majority. Similar to the “anyone but Trump” efforts in America, Netanyahu faces huge “anyone but Bibi” efforts from other conservative groups who agree in principle, but who have personal grievances against Netanyahu.

Politics in Israel are every bit as complicated as they are in the US. Will it be a miraculous comeback or the permanent retirement of Benjamin Netanyahu? But why should it matter to us in America?

For believers, who wins elections in Israel and the US is critically important. In both countries, Judeo-Christian principles are on the line, as well as the safety and security of Israel. Just like in America, parties on the Israeli left are hell bent on liberal agendas which will:

  • Make abortion even more prevalent than it already is (yes, it is huge in liberal areas such as Tel Aviv)
  • Elevate climate change and other globalist ideals to become the norm
  • Reignite efforts to push toward a two-state solution (in which Israel will give up land to Palestinians)
  • Leave Israel’s borders indefensible

As important as this year’s elections are in upholding religious freedom and decency in the US, equally important are Israel’s elections.

For an inside look at just who Benjamin Netanyahu is, check out Joel Rosenberg’s first installment of his new weekly primetime program, beginning at the 6:15 mark:

Personally, I have long appreciated Netanyahu’s leadership and statesmanship. In over 15 years, in two stints as Israel’s Prime Minister, Israel advanced dramatically on the world stage. From Israel’s rebirth in 1948 to well into Netanyahu’s reign, they remained dependent upon America as “big brother.” However, during Netanyahu’s tenure, Israel has grown up and is able to hold their own economically, militarily, and in every other key metric. For example, though only the size of New Jersey, Israel is currently the 8th most powerful military in the world, and certainly holds superiority in the Middle East.

I don’t agree with everything Benjamin Netanyahu does, or the way he goes about things. But again, similar to Donald Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu loves his country and has done more to advance their cause than any other Prime Minister in history. Both were ousted in 2021 and neither country has been the same since.

So, what is our take away? I believe it is this: We must pray for righteousness to reign in Israel and the US. In both countries, only conservative parties such as Netanyahu’s Likud and a few smaller ones in Israel, and American Republicans stand on the right side of righteousness. Pray God grants favor to Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud party in Israel, and to Republicans in America. Pray conservatives in both Israel and America will stand up and make their voices heard. Pray Biblical principles are implemented and promoted.

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