Pray.Vote.Stand Townhall: Is Christian Nationalism a Good Thing?

Christian Nationalist.

That’s the newly-minted derogatory term liberal leftists are using to attack Christians, and they are weaponizing it. Undoubtedly, we’ll hear that term much more between now and November 8.

But what is it? Is it really such a bad thing to be labelled a Christian Nationalist? Find the answers and be encouraged by Tony Perkins (Family Research Council), Michelle Bachmann (former Presidential candidate and current Dean of Robertson School of Government at Regent University), Pastor Gary Hamrick (Cornerstone Chapel, Leesburg VA) and others.

This is a fantastic Pray.Vote.Stand Townhall, encouraging us to live out our faith as we live out these last days. So carve out some time to view it!

PS: In Arizona and many states across America, ballots have either gone out in the mail or have already arrived in your mailbox. Please vote your Biblical values. Also, to make sure your ballot is counted, DO NOT MAIL IT IN and DO NOT PUT IT IN A BALLOT DROPBOX! Take it to a polling place, or better yet, go vote in person on November 8! Make your vote count!

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