Investing in Israel

The Bible exhorts us to invest in Israel, and we invest by:

Indeed, God intends that we invest spiritually and tangibly in Israel. But what about financially?

As I study prophecy and watch the world work its way toward the final end, there is one thing I know: God will cause Israel to be prosperous. Today, Israel is one of the most prosperous nations, not only in the Middle East, but also in the world.

Ezekiel 38:11-12 describes a peaceful and safe Israel, with plenty of booty to be taken by an invading coalition from the north. As time races on toward that point in history, Israel continues to rise in the ranks as a positive investment environment. As Middle East moderates such as the UAE, Bahrain and longer-term peace partners, Egypt and Jordan, cozy up to Israel and trade blossoms, the prosperity of Israel will only grow stronger.

Now, with the advent of the Abraham Accords, business and finances are booming in Israel like never before in Israel’s 70+ years as a reborn nation!

I am not a financial advisor, but I did make a decision years ago to invest financially in Israel. Guess which investments are booming right now, as the US stock market tumbles? You got it…my Israeli investments! There is just a sense that God’s hand will be upon Israel when things get really dark in our world. So, based on Biblical understanding…and the knowledgeable advice of a financial advisor, I have chosen to make moderate investments in Israel!

Seems I’m not the only one thinking that…

It’s likely not for everyone, but perhaps Israeli investments will prove to be worthwhile for some!

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