Will You Pledge to Pray and to Vote?

Biblical values are on the ballot in November. Do you care about:

  • The sanctity of human life
  • Preserving the Biblical definition of marriage
  • Protecting kids from the horrendous dangers of transgender idiology
  • Ridding our schools of Critical Race Theory and other damaging curriculae
  • Preserving our religious freedom
  • Standing with Israel (perhaps our most important ally)
  • Backing our police officers
  • Getting rid of “wokism” in our military
  • Shutting down the flow of illegal immigration (5 million so far during the Biden era)

Not to mention, energy, the economy, the terrible Green New Deal, “deals” with America’s enemies that will destroy us and so much more.

There is a movement happening, and Christians are the point of the spear. Why? Because we have weapons others do not have. We have direct access to the Creator and Sustainer of the universe and we can talk to Him freely! He will guide and direct us and our country, if we will only invite Him to do so.

Christians will make or break the 2022 election. Don’t believe me? Depending upon whose statistics you believe, anywhere from 40-55% of Christians did not vote in 2020. True, we cannot confirm that every professing Christian truly is one, but let’s say the true number of Christians who did not vote is only 20%.

Surveys say there are over 200 million Christians in America, but again, let’s be very conservative and say only 75 million of those are true, born again believers. 20% of 75 million represents 15 million Christians who did not vote in 2020. (And that is very conservative!)

Suppose 2/3 of those 15M Christians voted in 2022, and suppose they all voted according to Biblical principles. That means 10M more votes would be cast for candidates who uphold strong values regarding the issues noted above, and it would be a landslide for those candidates!

Friends, only one party (Republican) holds those values and they are clearly laid out in the America First Agenda. Meanwhile, the Democrat party is sold out to The Great Reset (or One World Order). Everything we see emanating from the current administration is intentional and purpose-driven, and will ultimately lead to America’s demise.

If America is to have one last gasp of sanity and morality before Jesus comes in the clouds to snatch us out of here, it MUST be the work of Christians committed to occupy until He comes. (Luke 19:13, KJV) Will you pledge to pray and to vote?

We need every vote this November! Please join the effort to save America!

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