The FBI’s Receipt for Property in the Trump Raid

The Receipt for Property was just released (assuming this is legit):

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Why do I share this?

I share it to say our nation is in deep trouble when Christian values, upon which America was founded, are trampled. There is still much to learn about the raid that took place at Mar-a-Lago and I will refrain from the discussion of whether or not Donald Trump did anything illegal. That is for smarter people than me to figure out.

However, when the balance of justice is tilted, a nation falls quickly. The FBI did not search Obama’s home after he took thousands of documents from the White House. The FBI did not search the Clinton home when Bill and Hillary took all sorts of things (including antiques supposedly belonging to the American people) as the Clinton administration left power. Nor did the FBI raid Hillary Clinton’s home when she refused to turn over (then destroyed) literally tens of thousands of emails and other documents on private servers at her residence. Even now, the FBI refuses to raid Hunter Biden’s home, even though they have held the “laptop from hell” for over two years now.

We are watching America’s justice system tip over.

What does it mean for us as Christians? It means we are watching the finger of godliness pulled from the dyke of the world’s nations. Perhaps its arguable for some, but I firmly believe God gave America a specific responsibility when He allowed the founding of our great nation. That was to be a light unto the world. As one of only two nations (Israel being the other) founded upon Biblical principles, we are held to a higher standard. When we fail to stand and thrive on God’s Word, we lose His hand of providence.

Is it totally lost? I don’t know…but as a nation, we’re certainly pushing the envelop. Once lost, what comes next? The end of days. Not because America is great….but because America’s God is great and we walk away, leaving this world to the schemes of the devil.

The raid on Mar-a-Lago is only one example, but certainly not the ONLY example.

What are we to do as Christians? DON’T GIVE UP! In fact, we must fight back stronger than ever before. America is the shining city on a hill when it comes to Christian values. America is worth saving because God will use our great nation as long as we allow it. But once the light goes out and the shining city on a hill no longer stands, the world will pitch right into the great and terrible days of tribulation the Bible warns of.

It is for that reason, dear friends, that we cannot give up. It is for that reason Jesus taught us to do business until He comes! (Luke 19:13) We’ve got work to do, so let’s get to it! Tell someone about Jesus, and fight like mad for our Constitutional Republic so the Lord might spare us for another generation.

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