Exploring Israel – Southern Steps and Temple Mount

Though time on the bus is much less in Jerusalem, it still gets us from one area to another! So, hop on with us as we head toward Temple Mount and the Southern Steps.

Temple Mount is perhaps one of the most hotly-contested pieces of real estate on the planet. Though many would like for you to believe otherwise, we know for certain the Jewish temple stood atop a platform known throughout the ages as Temple Mount. Today, Muslims control Temple Mount, but the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) patrol it. That, of course, makes for interesting encounters! You’ll learn more about Temple Mount in today’s study.

In Jesus’ day, when the Jewish temple still stood on Temple Mount, “commoners” would have gone up to the temple via the Southern Steps. What a joyful experience to walk up those steps, knowing we are literally walking in Jesus’ footsteps. It is also here that we look down the slope to the south to see the City of David…the original city of Jerusalem, in King David’s day.

So, join us now, as we step right into the scene…

The Southern Steps are often one of the most memorable places for Christian visitors to Israel. Our western mindset only allows us a faint picture of what the area would have been like in Jesus’ day. However, seeing it and experiencing walking up those steps (as Jesus would have) turns a faint picture into technicolor when we open our Bibles and the site “comes alive!” These are the moments that leave our guests forever changed.

We would love for you to experience the joy of being forever changed in ways that can happen only in Israel. Information, including a registration link, is found on our 2023 EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR website. If you have specific questions, email us at Looking4theBlessHope@gmail.com.

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