Jewish and Arab Women Studying God’s Word Together!

We rarely hear this good news coming from Israel, but Jews and Arabs have been studying God’s Word together for many years at One for Israel. Dedicated to equipping men to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Jews and Arabs, one focus has been on training pastors. Historically, they bring together roughly equal numbers of Jewish and Arab men, pair them up as roommates during their time at OFI, and produce God-fearing, God-honoring men of God who then, often, minister together to all people groups in Israel. It is truly amazing.

But prior to COVID, OFI launched their first Women in Leadership program, bringing both Jewish and Arab women together to equip them to minister to other women within their congregations. They just graduated their first class of women!

Spoiler alert: Our tours are coordinated by Israel College of the Bible (a sister ministry of OFI) and we will make a stop by their headquarters during our February 2023 EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR to meet a few of their staff and students, and to hear more about the fantastic evangelistic work they are doing.

Want to join us on the journey? Need more info? We’re hosting an Information Meeting tomorrow (Sunday, July 17), both live in Phoenix AZ and via Zoom for those who live elsewhere. Email us at and we will provide the time, location and Zoom link. We would love for you to join us in Israel in February 2023!

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