An Israel Trip Preview: What Makes This Tour Unique?

Our February 2023 EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR is taking shape and many are seeking information about this journey of a lifetime. So, we’re answering those questions.

We began with the question, “What will we see?” and continued with the question, What will we do?” Today’s question is: “What makes this tour unique?”

EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOURS are like no other. There are hundreds of Israel tours, and most are good ones. I took several Israel tours and had no complaints. However, after several more trips on my own for mission purposes or study in Israel, I discovered many experiences that caused me to ask, “Why don’t Christian tour groups do this?”

Thus, I customized a tour through a ministry in Israel and began leading tours that include many of the things I found more impacting than simply seeing the sights of Israel. Make no mistake, we see all the major sights important to our Christian faith (see What will we see). But we cut out the “fluff” (such as shopping excursions at expensive antiquity shops) and add an extra day to insert opportunities to engage the people and the culture of Israel (see What will we do). It has made a huge difference!

Those things set our tours apart from others, but we also go a big step further. A major concern for first-time visitors to Israel is information overload. It is absolutely impossible to process all you see, think, feel and experience on a trip to Israel. Most tours are very fast-paced, meaning you are left to “run where Jesus walked!”

To address those issues, we begin monthly pre-trip meetings (live and via Zoom) 6 months in advance. We get to know one another so that when we show up for the tour, we are travelling as friends (or family!) Cohesion of the group has proven to be a major benefit when it comes to trip efficiency and pure enjoyment.

We also provide some teaching beforehand, at whatever degree of depth each guest chooses. Once basic, foundational information about the sights we will see is in place, our guests are less likely to be overwhelmed by the amount of information and sensory overload once we actually get there. No one becomes an expert, but chooses just how deeply they want to ingest helpful information prior to the tour.

It is easy to produce “canned” tours that simply repeat over and over, and where guests simply show up in Tel Aviv and are dropped immediately into the hustle and bustle. I’ve been on those tours, and they are good! But without a point of reference indicating the possibility of a different experience, tourists are left believing that’s all there is. There is so much more!

That’s why we say, “Some see Israel…others EXPERIENCE Israel!” We invite you to EXPERIENCE ISRAEL with us in February 2023. See our EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR page for more information, and consider attending our Information Meeting on Sunday, July 17 (live in Phoenix AZ or via Zoom). Just email us at and we will respond with time, place and Zoom link.

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