An Israel Trip Preview: What Will We Do?

We can hardly wait to take the next excited group to the land of the Bible for a life-changing EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR. The sights, the sounds, the feelings, the experience….all amazing!

We invite you to join us, but there are always questions, so we’re proactively answering some of them for you! Last week we addressed “What will we see?” Today’s question: “What will we do?”

EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOURS are unique because, after several trips to Israel on my own (apart from tours), I realized there is SO MUCH MORE to experience than simply seeing the sights. Therefore, we customize tours to include unique opportunities not offered on other tours. To do that, we add an extra day to the length of a typical tour, and we replace less-desirable (for some) tour stops, such as long shopping excursions at expensive antiquity shops, with opportunities to engage the people!

For example, here is a short list of some of the opportunities we bake into our tours:

  • Spending time with IDF soldiers, hearing about life as a soldier and understanding more about Israel’s security. (We’re even briefed by IDF officials, at times.)
  • Attending Messianic worship with believers from all over the world.
  • Visiting a home for Holocaust survivors, hearing their stories and loving on them.
  • Meeting with Arab, Palestinian and Messianic Jewish pastors who love Jesus and often partner together in ministry to all people groups in Israel.
  • Observing Palestinians and Jews working peacefully side-by-side and hearing about their lives together.
  • Hearing about the incredible ministry being done by One for Israel, a Messianic, evangelistic ministry to Jews and Arabs in Israel.
  • …so much more!

Opportunities to engage the people and the culture abound in Israel if you only know where and how to connect, and we interweave those experiences into seeing the sights that everyone expects when they go to Israel.

We also enjoy special moments growing to know one another on our tours. Not only do we begin meeting (live or via Zoom) prior to the tour, but we provide unique times of fellowship woven into our daily activities. For example, some of our stops include unusual opportunities for fun and getting to know fellow travelers. Some of our dinners together result in camaraderie that will last a lifetime.

Israel tours leave you changed forever, but that fact is magnified when you get to the airport to return home and realize you don’t really want your time together to end. That dynamic is created by carefully crafting an experience that far exceeds simply seeing the sights of Israel.

To answer your specific questions, we are hosting an Information Meeting on Sunday, July 17. We will meet live in Phoenix, and via Zoom for those outside the Phoenix area. All are welcome, and we will work with you to connect you with us from anywhere in the world. Just click the box in the bottom left portion of this screen and we will send you the time, place and Zoom link to join us. Even if you are simply curious about what an Israel trip is about, you may join us. (No obligation.)

Meanwhile, information is also available at 2023 EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR. Take a look, then join us on Sunday, July 17!

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