Why a Former Muslim is Preaching the Gospel in Israel

Spoiler alert! Tomorrow I’ll fill you in on details of some of the things we will do on our 2023 EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR, scheduled for February 17 – March 1, 2023. But when I saw the video below, I had to share it. Therefore, you’re getting a preview of tomorrow’s What Will We Do post. Be sure to check back tomorrow for that.

One thing I am most passionate about is exposing others to the incredible things the Lord is doing in unassumed ways and with unassumed people in Israel. It lights my fire to hear first-hand accounts of Jesus speaking in very direct, but unique ways to Arabs about the land of Israel! Jews and Arabs are part of the wonderful tapestry God is weaving together in His chosen land! When an Arab Christian prophesies to an Iraqi Arab in Finland, telling him he will one day preach in the land of Israel, it is an account worth hearing!

Pastor Saleem Shalash is a friend and he shares the story of meeting Raad (“Rod” in English) while ministering in Finland. It was divine providence and the story is full of irony:

  • Pastor Saleem is an Arab Christian pastor in Nazareth, Israel. (That, in itself, is ironic!)
  • Besides ministering to Jews, Arabs, Palestinians, and other people groups in and around Nazareth, Pastor Saleem travels around the world sharing the mighty love and grace of Jesus wherever he goes.
  • About 5 years ago, Pastor Saleem met Raad, an Iraqi refugee in Finland, and prophesied that Raad would one day preach the gospel.
  • Recently, Raad was in Nazareth to share his testimony and to preach the Word of God to Pastor Saleem’s congregation, Home of Jesus the King. Prophecy fulfilled!

Only God can do that! Hear Raad share his 5-minute testimony here:

Can’t you see the joy of the Lord pour out of these men! God is at work in the Jewish, Arab and Palestinian communities in Israel, and miracles are happening in abundance! There is a revival going on that no one really talks about.

One of the many unique blessings on our 2023 EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR this coming February is our stop at HJTK to meet Pastor Saleem! But that’s not all. We’re planning an even greater special surprise for that visit, but you will have to be on the tour to find out what it is!

You will honestly never know the value of experiencing Israel until you go there. I invite and encourage you to consider joining us on this invaluable, once-in-a-lifetime journey. You will not be disappointed, but will be blessed by our adventures! Visit our website for more info, and be sure to check back here tomorrow when I’ll share more about what we will do in the land of Israel.

PS: On Sunday, July 17, we have an Israel Tour Info Meeting at 2 pm AZ time. It will be live for those in the Phoenix area, and available via Zoom for those who aren’t. Click on the button in the bottom left part of this screen to provide your name, email address and city/state. We will send you the specific location or Zoom link to attend the meeting. Hope to see you on June 17!

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